Romania, the country with the smallest number of atheists in the EU

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According to the official statistics on the religiosity of the populations of the EU member states, the Romanians are among the most faithful citizens in the EU. In what countries most people do not believe in God.

BUCHAREST, 24 aug — Sputnik. Romania is the country with the smallest number of atheists in the European Union, with only 1% of Romanians saying they do not believe in the existence of any divinity, according to a recent market study conducted by Eurostat.

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According to the study, 92% of Romanians believe in the existence of God, which places our country after Malta, where 94% of the population is faithful.

The study classifies the spirituality of the populations according to three statements: "I believe there is a God," "I believe there is some sort of spirit or life force," and "I don't believe there is any sort of spirit, God or life force."

At the other pole, The Czech Republic and France are among the least religious countries. In the Czech Republic, only 16% of the population believe in God, while in France, 40% of the population is composed of declared atheists. France is the country with the largest number of atheists in EU.

However, according to the most recent research in Romania, our country is the most religious in the bloc. A survey conducted by the Romanian Institute for Public Opinion Research INSCOP, commissioned by Adevarul in July 2015, showed that 96.5% of Romanians believe in God.

Another study, carried out in 2012, revealed that, in the European Union, 72% of Europeans are Christians, 16% agnostics, 7% atheists and 2% Muslims.

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