Romania and Visegrad group urge EU to end double standards through regulations

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Food - Sputnik Moldova-România
Visegrad group as well as officials from Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia ask EU to establish regulations to remove double standards used by food companies in selling products under the same labels in Eastern and Western Europe.

BUCHAREST, 26 sept — Sputnik. Visegrad group (including Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) and Romania urge UE to introduce regulations to abolish double standards used by food companies that sell lower-quality products in Eastern Europe.

Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia and Slovakia have informed the European Commission about double standards in food products sold in these countries.

Likewise, the results of a study conducted by Romania in July confirmed double standards in the quality for nine products sold in Romania by different multinational companies. These products have different ingredients and nutritional values compared to products sold under similar brands in Western European countries.

"Consumers in Hungary or other countries in central and eastern Europe don't deserve less meat in their food than consumers in Western European countries," Hungarian agriculture minister Sandor Fazekas said, according to  

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