UK to Lay Out Plan for Close Post-Brexit Data Cooperation With EU

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British digital minister Matt Hancock said that the UK government will set out a plan on Thursday to secure unhindered flow of personal data to and from the European Union after its exit.

 The UK government will set out a plan on Thursday to secure unhindered flow of personal data to and from the European Union after its exit, British digital minister Matt Hancock has said.

"We want the secure flow of data to be unhindered in the future as we leave the EU. So a strong future data relationship between the UK and EU, based on aligned data protection rules, is in our mutual interest," he said in a statement, quoted by The Independent newspaper.

"Our goal is to combine strong privacy rules with a relationship that allows flexibility, to give consumers and businesses certainty in their use of data," Hancock added.

The UK Department for Exiting the European Union is expected to issue Brussels with a working paper outlining its proposals for future regulatory cooperation on data protection, which UK officials said could see London working even "more closely with the EU."

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